Saturday night pause: Make an Emergency Plan B

Two quick things to memo for the start of next week.

1. Figure out the best time of day to meditate.  

Right now, I meditate right before bed.  It really is a convenient time for me but I’m not sure if it is the most productive use of my meditative break.  I’m practically falling asleep and am already going through the “shut down” processes of clearing out my mind.  Maybe make it a nice post-lunch exercise? Something to try with the bright, shiny new week tomorrow. 

2. Make a Plan B for when everything goes wrong.

I don’t have a Plan B! I realized this today when everything went wrong and I curled up in fetal position, pouted, and googled donut recipes all day in response.  Serious? All. Day.  What a shame! I should always have an Emergency Plan B, even if it is just “go grocery shopping” or “bake banana bread” or “flip through anki.”  


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