A cool way to visually analyze your productivity

Like most productivity-nerds, I am eager to try out and use various support applications and programs.  Right now I use (the free) HabitRPG each night as part of my “shut down” routine.  It is a fun way to check off my accomplishments and activities towards good habit-building.  But, HabitRPG is notoriously unstable in its current iteration and there is no way (yet) to go back and analyze general trends in your behavior.    

While on the look out for other tracking programs, I stumbled on this idea on Reddit, of all places!  This person uses (the free) Google Drive to capture his/her daily goal progress and display the results in graphic form. 


For details, see this website.

I will still rely on HabitRPG for now, because it is simply so fun, but I’ll also try out the Google Drive idea.  Both are free after all and easy to set up.



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