My 2014 Resolutions

I had a long entry explaining this but it was inadvertently deleted and alas, too much trouble to write out twice. So just take my word that my spirit animal for 2014 is The Gentlewoman Elf haha.  My 2014 Mantras? For now, I still like “here and now, one by one” and “choose the next action.”

In terms of resolutions, I kept my pre-resolution thoughts in mind and wrote up 3:

1. In 2014, I resolve to successfully make the transition from grad school into professional life

Specific Goal: finish PhD (everything must end) and if unemployed, at least make active progress on a job hunt (regularly send job applications, submit at least 2 articles for review, 2 book reviews).
Why? This is the most obvious step in my life that I need to take. But, you see, I’ve been putting it off ever since going ABD. I was terrified at lacking control over the post-PhD job hunt…but I realize now that I have total control over how I finish and how I deal with post-PhD life.  The most important thing here is to accept change and give everything its necessary end-date. If I never get an academic post or a published article, does the world end? Only if I let it.  Besides, an un-ending story or purgatory life is cruel and pointless, isn’t it?  Time to move on!

2. In 2014, I also resolve to cultivate mindfulness for survival parenting

Specific Goal: develop mindfulness as a daily habit in terms of weekly journals, daily meditations, and an emphasis on acceptance and peace with the Here and Now.
Why? I initially sat down and wrote all these lofty goals for being a first time parent…and then laughed and deleted them. You can’t be the perfect parent. And even if you could, you can’t prepare for the first year of raising a baby: you don’t know their personality or your own limits or what will happen outside of your family’s control. For the love of cheese, I was already saying that in 12 months I’d write a children’s book and have Baby speaking in full sentences, in 4 languages. Instead of aiming for perfection, I’m aiming for mindfulness so that I can be a better parent and partner in those sleep deprived moments of frustration. I want to observe, read, plan, and create without developing that ole’familiar anxiety. I want to love that baby without baggage. And um, maybe this will help me write a children’s book and stuff but that is not the goal in mind.

3. In 2014, I resolve to improve my skin tone

Specific Goal: develop Vit C serum habit and drink 2 glasses of water (each morning, each night).
Why? I’m sure I’m not the only human being in the history of mankind that has resolved to lose weight and get hot and finally fix my teeth and get my clothes tailored finally and stop shopping at Forever21 at my age damnit. But those are all so vague and measureless! For now, I want to take better care of my skin by incorporating a few good habits on top of pre-existing ones (sunscreen, gym).  This is the simplest resolution and because of that, the one I’m most excited about!

Each of these 3 resolutions have been broken down into 12-24 shorter goal stages, all already input into my calendar for the year.  Tomorrow I will link this page and write up 12 emails to my future self, to be sent through Phew!

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