July Goals

June was a beast of a month. A BEAST.  It is time to get things in order, more or less.  I feel like I’m starting with a blank slate with the simple joy of living in a new home and settling into a new neighborhood so despite not having slept in over 4 months, I feel pretty happy about where we are at.

I needed to mark my monthly goals somewhere so this blog, which is normally reserved for broader meditations on mindfulness and productivity, is getting a bit more personal.  But in any case:

1. Set up house: curtains, rugs, shelves (flowers next month)

2. Look into baby sleep plan and implement it mid-month.

3. Check out baby activities at the library

4. Order MOGA at SAM exhibit catalogue purchase

5. Locate a high chair – start baby foods by end of the month (5.5 mo)

6. Research baby-led weaning

7. Look into baby first aid, cpr class – update class at SHARP to one at a better time…

8. Check out the new bagel place

HA, my WHOLE LIFE REVOLVES AROUND THE BABY. All but 1 of my 8 tasks is pretty much centered on the domestic.  I accept this temporary reality.


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