My 2015 Resolutions

I was somewhat successful on hitting my 2014 Resolutions so, I’m giddily thinking about my next year’s plan. The pre-planning tips still apply: 3 resolutions, time-boxed steps, regular reminders. But learning from my mistakes this year, I’ll make sure to break things down more simply, be more realistic, and now think about optimizing my day.

1. In 2015, I resolve to stop feeling like an “imposter.”

Specific Goal:  Jan (incorporate stronger BHA, get a haircut), Feb – March (buy foundation, plan all meals), April – May (tailor jeans, buy new clothes), June (incorporate serum, get a haircut), July – August (return to the gym/pool), September (new makeup), October-Dec (maintenance).

Why? No no, this isn’t the cliche to decide to lose weight once January hits. It is just like I was in a little postpartum cocoon with my baby for the last year and when I emerged, my body shape was different, my skin reacted differently, my clothes didn’t suit my new lifestyle, and my makeup was like…WAY EXPIRED haha. My new container is unfamiliar to me, so I need to get to know how my skin works now, what looks nice on my new frame, and so on. This step seems to be way more important than I realized – digging around for something to wear or dealing with a skin rash is a huge freaking time and energy suck in my life. Plus, it was a little demoralizing to realize that absolutely nothing fit comfortably. Like my successful resolution from 2014 to improve my skin care routine, I am going to do this very simply and decide on a few things to take care of each month, whenever I can find the time.

2. In 2015, I resolve to write 750 words (or more) every single day.

Specific Goal: Each month I will have a general writing theme. Each week, I will choose a question to respond to. Each day, I will write at least 750 independent words (which means, no quotes or book notes but my own words in full sentences and written in standard paragraphs) in response to that question.

Why? Isn’t this way better than my last, weighty goal to finish my PhD? I mean, how does one finish a dissertation? By writing! Plain and simple.

3. In 2015, I resolve to “Close the Universe” as part of a larger effort to be more efficient and more mindful. 

Specific Goal: I will limit myself to 2 days of planning and research (or less) for any and all goals.

Why? I often write about the importance of making choices and recognizing your agency in doing so. One of my procrastinating-anxiety triggering flaws is my endless researching on any topic. Spinning wheels and going nowhere! Not only do I “have” to read 5000 more books before even typing my OWN words on my OWN research topic, but I “have” to read just as many books, blog posts, and reviews before doing anything with my child. It must be a manifestation of insecurity, don’t you think? The constant referral to other “authorities” that sometimes amount to nothing other than Amazon reviews?

The phrase “Close the Universe” is something I picked up from my lawyering spouse. The most time consuming and energy intensive part of a trial is “Discovery” – when the legal team sifts through boxes and boxes of evidence to put together their line of attack/defense. This is endless and can involve hiring huge teams of document reviewers to sift through thousands of emails or useless papers. At some point, you have to just close the universe and move forward.

I’m not super confident in how to implement this more specifically other than to place an (arbitrary) stop-deadline on any new task. But it is something to be mindful of and hopefully will help me stay in the present, gain confidence, and help me get things DONE.

Of course, I have other small things I hope to continue. Like keeping up with Japanese or trying to read more. Another potential goal was to shut off all electronic devices 20 minutes before bed. But, these 3 things seem so promise the most impact if successful and I do not want to stretch myself too far with more than 3.

Alright, time to go back to for reminder emails.

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