My “If ____, then _____” experiment for the day.

I am lucky to have a spouse who can observe my habits with brutal objectivity. Whenever I say things like, “oh I’ll just work from home today” then he gives me a look and says “When has that EVER worked out?” Never, of course. Over the years, I’ve started being more observant of my bad habits and the typical obstacles that interfere with productivity and reaching my goals.

One way to anticipate roadblocks is to script “If, Then” statements. Let’s experiment this week because I failed to reach my goal on Monday. Today is Tuesday and I bribed myself with a new pen if I could hit 750 for 6 days straight.

This month’s theme: Theorizing consumption and race

This week’s question: How does feminist phenomenology (or the top 3 voices in this field at least) address embodied subjectivity? How do their insights help me theorize the embodied consumer subject and race?

Today’s goal, from 1pm – 4pm: 750 words on Judith Butler’s Bodies That Matter. Will reread her Preface. Write. Intro. Write. And Cheah’s review. Write and edit.

Likely scenarios:

If I start losing concentration, then I will take a 5 minute break via Pomoderos.

If I start reading and highlighting without paraphrasing, then I will stop every 5 pages to force myself to rewrite what I’ve read in a meaningful way.

If I am reading too much, even after stopping with each section/chapter, then I will stop after each subsection to WRITE before continuing on.

If I feel sleepy, then tough shit. Get up and stretch.

If I feel thirsty, then I will walk all the damn way to Sbux instead of going home and work from there. 30 minutes lost is better than 2 hours lost.

If I work hard but still can’t finish 750 words, then I will go home and leave this computer on my desk, open with the file still up.

If I fail to do that, then I will delete Plants Vs Zombies on my iphone because fuck that.

If I vastly overestimated how much work I can accomplish in 3 hours (because this is difficult reading and I swear I have brain damage from 11 months of NO SLEEP), then aggressively re-assess and re-plan.

Let’s see how it goes.

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