January reflection, February planning

Every December I write up a bunch of emails to be sent to my “future self.” The idea is that people are incredibly poor at predicting their future selves and thus constantly procrastinate. I wanted to remind myself that I am, well, me. I will not inherently achieve goals just through the passage of time. The past me, dreaming and hoping that 2015 me would take care of it, pops up to remind me not to rely on 2016 me, on 2017 me, etc but just to take care of what I need to get done, asap.

The first of the 2015 emails came today. I can’t believe an entire month has flown by. To be honest, I feel a little…stressed? How has a whole month gone by? Will another whole year just zoom on by like this? With no reflection, no sense of accomplishment/milestone marking?

My January goals:
1. Stop feeling like an imposter version of myself and…
get a haircut = YES
update skin care = YES
*Doing well because these goals are so straightforward.

2. Write 750 words/day
Did I = Meh.
Some days were harder than others. I also am not carefully tracking 750 words but just writing. This might be why things don’t feel so…dynamic?

3. Close the Universe. Aka, plan and take action instead of planning, planning, planning.
Set up D’s baptism stuff = YES
Set up D’s birthday stuff = MEH, lots of wasted time Pinteresting.
Limit myself to 2 days of planning and research for diss = Yes. Good for me!

My February Goals
1. Stop feeling like an imposter version of myself and…
Update makeup = YES
Keep setting up weekly meal plans
Weigh myself each morning and mark it. The goal is to build a habit of doing this so the dieting process will be easier.

2. Write 750 words/day.
I’m still choosing a theme for the month (hygienic modernity february, woohoo). I’m still choosing writing questions for each week. The difference is, I’ll try to chain 750 words/day and X it on my calendar at the end of the day. If I can get through 7 days of straight writing, I’ll treat myself to something. If I can get through 28 days of straight writing, holy crap, I will bake myself a damn pie.

3. Close the universe.
Time block all planning – like meals – to better track my time.

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