February reflection, March planning

My monthly FutureMe email reminder came in. This was timely because the last 2 weeks were ROUGHHHHH.

Febuary goals were…
1. Stop feeling like an imposter version of myself and…
New makeup = YES
Make weekly meal plans = YES, delicious
Weigh myself. I started a new morning habit of weighting myself each morning to stay mindful of my weight. YES. It is scary to weigh yourself, isn’t it? But Just setting up meal plans and weighing myself has lead to a 4lb drop in weight.
Just like last month, these goals are so straightforward and it is easy to do well. I also think it helps that each month has a different series of small “projects.” Things feel fresh and I can get that boost of accomplishment.

2. Write 750 words/day = Meh.
I think I know why my X-mark trick didn’t help. First, I do not know how to count the new material unless I start a brand new section each week (which isn’t very realistic). Secondly, I do not know how to mentally shift from “work time at the library/cafe” to home where I’m supposed to be X’ing off my days. I need a better physical system to follow my work flow.

3. Close the Universe. Aka, plan and take action instead of planning, planning, planning.
Time block all planning: Yes. After years (?) of using HabitRPG, I feel like I’ve found the ideal way to use it. They recently added a “list” option to each task so I can set up habit chains for each time of day. I also set up recurring tasks for things like meal planning.

March Goals:
In March, I’ll be continuing on with meal planning. Since I just started this diet maybe 2 weeks ago, I knew it would be a bad idea to pick up another project before this one became a better instilled habit. Each night I’m prefilling MyFitnessPal with the meals and snacks for the day. In the morning, I will often prepare all the snacks (usually yogurt and apples, 0 cal drinks etc) and do any grocery shopping for the day.

Resolution 2 is still being a slippery sonofabitch. Here are some things I’d like to try to tackle this:

* Streamline and isolate work spaces: how am I using this desk? What am I accomplishing here? What will I be doing when I go to the library? To the cafe?
* Clean up work spaces and bags appropriately. Right now my desk is CHAOS. Reorganize desk. Buy drawer sorters, bulletin board, wall system for work folders, new laptop bag. Sort and dump.
* Start my mindfulness intervention plan with the distraction tallies as discussed here and a mind-dump notebook as discussed on The Simple Dollar.

Resolution 3, I kind of tackled mid February with updated habit chains. I’d like to incorporate Plan B kind of strategies for days like this (and yesterday). Like, when everything feels like crap and I literally Just. Can’t.

Others miscellany:

*I need to send thank you gifts.

*Thank you cards.

*Start baby sign classes.

*Cut baby’s hair. 

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